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About Heart Love

De-Stress and Manifest! Using the Heart Love Android application and Zephyr's HxM Bio Harness!

Use Heart Love while in meditation, prayer, yoga and other activities and learn to center your heart in the feeling of love, gratitude and appreciation!

Receive a 5% discount when you purchase the HxM using discount code HRTLVHxM at the Zephyr store!

Scientific research has shown that the heart produces it's own electrical field. This field changes depending on ones mood and can affect other people. Experiments have shown that the heart, when beating in certain measureable rhythmic patterns, can bring the rest of the body's rhythms into synchronicity. The heart, breathing, and brain wave patters become coherent. This state of being is best achieved by sustaining a feeling of love, gratitude, and appreciation. Heart Love can be used as a meditation or prayer aid to help one enter a positive emotional state believed to help with manifestation.

Try searching for "Coherence" with your favorite search engine for more information.

Heart Love Has Many Uses

Heart Love can be used in any situation where maintaining a calm positive attitude is desired.

Business Applications

Being in a calm positive state of mind helps us make better decisions. Handling stressful situations with grace and serenity instills respect and confidence in our abilities among our colleagues and managers. Consistent use of Heart Love will increases coherence and help manage stress. Heart Love is wireless and can be worn under clothing. Heart Love can be used during a business meeting or other situation and no one would ever know! HeartLove.com provides historical tracking so you can view your coherence and other heart rate data for any time period of use.

Anger Management

Heart Love is an excellent tool for anger management. Heart Love can be used while driving to reduce road rage. Simply connect and Heart Love will produce auditory alerts indicating whether you are in low, medium or high coherence. When you are focused on staying in coherence you'll find your drive to work more peaceful. The Zephyr HxM device is wireless (hands free) and unseen when worn under clothes. Keep a cool head with Heart Love.

Stress reduction

As one achieves longer durations of high coherence they will also experience reduced stress. With less stress one will experience higher cognitive funtioning, better health, better relationships, greater business performance and more.

Meditation and Prayer

When used during meditation, prayer, yoga and other spiritual pursuits, Heart Love can help teach you to get in the "zone" and achieve a higher state of being. Heart Love helps you do more than just relax and de-stress. Heart Love trains you to shift emotional gears and maintain an active state of positive emotion. Open your heart and let the positive vibrations flow with Heart Love!

Heart Love Monitors

  • Cardiac Coherence
  • Cardiac Rate Charts
  • Cardiac Rate Variation (HRV) Charts
  • Cardiac Zone Monitoring
Average Coherence Score Meter Sample
Coherence Score Chart Sample
Heart Rate Chart Sample
Heart RR Intervals Chart Sample
Heart RR Variations Chart Sample

The Heart Love Android application requires the Zephyr HxM Bluetooth heart monitoring device. You can purchase the HxM harness here at a 5% discount using the coupon code: HRTLVHxM

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